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Fruit Trees available Winter 2019 - 2020

Treseders Fruit trees Winter 2019/2020

(These are currently available for collection from the nursery only)

Apple 'Bens Red' Dessert Apple A once well known Cornish apple, also known as 'Red Roller' or Red Box'.  A sweet apple with dark red fruit (Some striping).  Ht 3m.  MM106 rootstock. Flowering group 2.
Apple 'Captain Broad' Cooking/ Cider Apple Once a popular Cider apple of the Fowey valley.  Fruit are pale with slight red flush, bitter/ sweet  Ht. 3m.  MM106 rootstock.  Flowering group 5.
Apple 'Catshead' Cooking Apple A traditional Old English cooker from 1600s, makes a good golden puree.  Also known as 'Pig Snout'  Ht 3m.  MM106 rootstock. Flowering group 2.
Apple 'Collogett Pippin'  Cooking/ Cider Apple Also known as 'Cornish Giant', makes a good golden puree or light dry cider.  Originating from Tamar Vlley, Cornwall.  Ht. 3m.  MM106 rootstock.  Flowering group 2.
Apple 'Cornish Aromatic'  Dessert Apple Handsome bright red fruits with russet patches.  Sweet, sharp and spicy flavour.  (Origin; Cornwall 1813)  Ht. 3m.  MM106 Root stock.  Flowering group 2.
Apple 'Cornish Gilliflower' Dessert Apple An Old Cornish favourite with Red & Gold stripped Skin and a yellow perfumed flesh with an intense rich, aromatic flavour.  Ht. 3m.  MM106 Root stock.  Flowering group 4.
Apple 'Cornish Mother' Dessert Apple Also known as 'American Mother' a good aromatic flavour of vanilla and peardrops (Orgin 1844).  Ht. 3m.  MM106 rootstock.  Flowering group 3.
Apple 'Cornish Pine'  Dessert Apple A large, attractive dessert apple with good aromatic flavour. Grown on MM106 root stock for medium size tree to 3m.  Origin: Cornwall 1920. 
Apple 'Cornish Queen' Dessert/ Cooking Apple Once widespread around Liskeard and Lerryn, has good Canker resistance.  A medium to large apple, green with broard crimson stripes (50%). Ht. 3m.  MM106 rootstock.  Flowering group 2.
Apple 'Devonshire Quarrenden'  Dessert Apple Excellent strawberry flavour, for eating direct from the tree.  Poplar Victorian variety (origin 1676).  Ht 3m.  MM106 rootstock.  Flowering group 1.
Apple 'Dufflin'  Cider Apple An Old Cornish Variety dating back to mid 19th century with high sugar content. Heavy cropper.  Ht 3m.  MM106 rootstock.  Flowering group 3.
Apple 'Hocking's Green'  Dessert/ Cooking Apple Originating from Callington, Cornwall, this has excellent tollerance to wind and rain.  Holds shape well on cooking and suitable for Eating at Christmas.  Ht.3m. MM106 Rootstock.  Flowering group 3.
Apple 'Katy' Dessert Apple Heavy crops of bright red fruit.  Sweet, juicy and firm.  Good for Juicing and adding to cider.  Ht 3m. MM106 root stock.  Flowering group 3.
Apple 'Manaccan Primrose' Dessert/ Cooking Apple Similar to 'The Rattler', produces good crops of mid-sized yellow/ green fruits, sharp/ sweet.  Ht. 3m.  MM106 rootstock.  Flowering group 2.
Apple 'Red Rollo' Dessert Apple A beautiful large dessert apple from the Roseland with green striped red fruit.  Very aromatic with a spicy flavour.  Ht. 3m.  MM106 rootstock.  Flowering group 4.
Apple 'Sops in Wine'  Dessert/ Cider Apple An attractive apple with Purple leaves and flowers, and good dark red, soft, aromatic fruit.  Heavy cropper with South West Origins.  Ht. 3m. MM106 root stock. Flowering Group 2.
Apple 'Tregonna King'  Dessert/ Cooking Apple A good dual purpose Apple, backed up with good keeping properties.  Originating from Rezare near Launceston, Cornwall.  Ht. 3m.  MM106 Rootstock. Flowering group 4.
Apple 'Tremletts Bitter'  Cider Apple A great west Country bitter sweet Cider Apple, Heavy cropping and frost resistant.   Ht. 3m. MM106 Rootstock. Flowering group 2.
Cherry 'Black Oliver' Dessert Cherry Large black fruit cropping in August. An attractive spreading tree originating from the Midlands. Red juicy flesh, good crops.  Flowering group 3.
Cherry 'Morello' Cooking Cherry Large, dark red, cherry. Hardy and reliable. Ideal for a north wall. Ready late July. Self Fertile. Flowering group 4.
Malus 'Evereste' Crab Apple An excellent pollinating tree for other apples.  This is an attractive compact tree with an abundance of white, blushed pink blossom in Spring. Bright red fruits in Autumn.  Ht. 3m.
Malus 'John Downie' Crab Apple A popular crab apple variety for making crab apple jelly. The fruit is large and orange/red in colour, proceeded by pretty white blossom. This is often a good tree for small gardens. 
Malus 'Red Sentinal' Crab Apple A Good pollinator with Scented white flowers.  Red crab apples that are useful for christmas decorations, good also for crab apple jelly.  Ht. 3m.
Peach 'Perrigrine' Peach produces light green and crimson, white-fleshed fruits in mid August to early September. This cultivar is best grown under cover, but in the south of England may be grown outside in a sheltered position
Pear 'Beth' Dessert Pear Pale green to pale yellow with smooth skin. Small, sweet and juicy. Good cropper. September. Group 3.
Pear 'Comice'  Dessert Pear A top quality juicy pear with excellent flavour.  Ht. 3m.  Quince A rootstock.  Flowering group 4.
Pear 'Conference' Dessert Pear A most reliable Pear with yellow/ green russet fruit.  Sweet and Juicy. Crops well.  Ht. 3m.  Quince A rootstock.  Flowering group 3. Self fertile.
Plum 'Coes Golden Drop' Dessert Plum One of the best-tasting plums with a rich, gage-style flavour. The fruits are yellow, spotted with red, and ready to pick in mid-autumn. Self sterile, in pollination group 2
Plum 'Mirabelle de Nancy' Dual purpose Plum Also known as 'Cherry Plum', produces heavy crops of classic, yellow, small French plums from September. The incredibly sweet, stone free fruits ripen from white to honey yellow and are excellent eaten fresh or cooked.
Plum 'Victoria'  Victoria Plum Oval bright red fruit.  Consistentley reliable variety with good quality and quantity of fruit.  Ht. 3m. St. Julien A rootstock. Mid Season.